The perfect solution 
for small water systems


Arsenic in drinking water is a
costly hazard for 56 million Americans.

SimpleWater's ArsenicVolt is specifically designed
to meet the needs of small water system managers. 

Remotely monitored arsenic removal without:
complicated equipment
hazardous chemicals
expensive materials
expertise required


Now piloting in California

We are always eager to partner with new communities interested in exploring new solutions


Your Drinking Water Cycle + ArsenicVolt

(1) Naturally occurring arsenic seeps into ground water reservoirs
and contaminates local water wells. 

 (2) The SimpleWater ArsenicVolt uses inexpensive iron plates
to treat the water without the need for a trained technician. 

(3) Local, clean water is then distributed to the community,
meeting the EPA's new arsenic health standards.


See the ArsenicVolt in action on ABC news


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