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Verge Science investigated lead contamination in New York and used Tap Score Water Tests when regular home-test strips were inconclusive. SimpleWater CEO Johnny Pujol also makes an appearance.

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News 13 went to 4 counties across the Panhandle in Florida and tested tap water in 5 different cities with Tap Score Water Tests from SimpleWater.

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The New York Times: June 24, 2019
Arsenic in Bottled Water Prompts a Product Removal: How Much Is Safe?

"Mr. Olson said no over-the-counter kits are reliable for testing for arsenic. The Natural Resources Defense Council recommends using a state-certified drinking water lab; a list is on the E.P.A.’s website. Some labs, like mytapscore.com, will do a test at a reasonable price, Mr. Olson said. He suggested asking for a discounted test for an array of contaminants. If affordability is an issue, you could consider only an arsenic test, which will cost less."


The Verge: March 5, 2019
Lead contamination goes far beyond Flint, Michigan

"In New York City, where many of The Verge’s staff live the city’s water quality is a point of pride. It gets regularly tested for contaminants as it makes its way from distant reservoirs to our pipes and it has won awards and taste tests. This water doesn’t have lead when it enters the city’s water system but some older buildings and homes in the city still have lead in service lines that connect to the main distribution lines and tiny bits of lead can dissolve into the water there. The situation in NYC isn’t nearly as dire as in other parts of the country where lead levels that are higher than Flint’s can be found but it is still a concern…For the latest Verge Science video we decided to focus on lead which gets into our water a lot closer to home than you might think."


Greenopedia: January 17, 2019
How to Test Your Home's Tap Water (City or Well)

"The blended solution of professional lab tests, using a DIY kit will make the most sense for most folks from both a practical and cost standpoint…Tap Score is an affordable service for easy home water testing and analysis. It’s more expensive than the individual kits you’d buy on Amazon, but not prohibitively so. And the reporting and recommendations you get from Tap Score are as detailed as what you’d get from a professional tester, but far easier to read and understand."


WorkingRE: February 4, 2019
The Future of Home Water Testing

"Water quality has caught the concern of homebuyers like never before… More than ever, consumers and families want to understand the toxins they are exposed to on a regular basis. These are called chronic environmental health exposures. Since we Americans spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s important to consistently identify and evaluate potentially hazardous materials and parameters which we may be ingesting on a daily basis."


Public Lab: April 6, 2019
How to Test For Lead in your Environment

"Because professional services can take time and be more expensive and because the test-it-yourself products are not the most reliable, using a mail-in service is a great option...For example, Tap Score is a series of products offered by the company Simple Water. They offer both city water and well water options; they offer tests specific to lead but also for other contaminants."


Plumber Magazine: October 30, 2018
SimpleWater launches Tap Score testing program

"The [Tap Score Pro] testing program is designed to identify various chronic toxins at efficient costs by utilizing plumber expertise and state-of-the-art laboratory testing facilities. To kick off the initiative, the company is seeking 1,000 plumbers across the U.S. to submit samples from their customers’ homes to test for toxic contaminants."


ABC13 (Panama City, FL): March 28, 2019
SPECIAL REPORT: Testing the Waters

"SimpleWater announced the launch of Tap Score Pro, a new approach to measure the concentrations of the most common contaminants found in homes. The testing program is designed to identify various chronic toxins at efficient costs by utilizing plumber expertise and state-of-the-art laboratory testing facilities…’The scale takes into account the presence of contaminants, the extent of those contaminants and then thirdly, the kind of certainty in the scientific community around the impact of that contaminant,’ said SimpleWater CEO, John Pujol."


PHCP Pros: August 21, 2018
Tap Score Gets Ahead of Lead

"To kick off the Tap Score Pro initiative, SimpleWater is seeking 1,000 of the best plumbers across the country with the expertise, trust and cooperation required to sample their customers’ homes for toxic water contaminants. SimpleWater pays each plumber $55 for every sample collected. Customers get $300 worth of home water testing, health risk assessment, and water treatment technology recommendations for a wholesale rate available through their plumber."


FOX15 (Abilene, TX): May 29, 2018
What’s in Lake Fort Phantom and Lake Kirby's water?

"We are testing the water using Simple Water Tap Score. They are a California-based company that specializes in testing tap water. However, they are also capable of testing lake water, too."


Mental Floss: November 14, 2017
Not Sure About Your Tap Water? Here's How to Test for Contaminants

"You just need to take a few samples, mail them to the lab, and you'll get the results back in 10 days, telling you about lead levels, copper and cadmium content, arsenic, and other common hazardous materials that can make their way into water via pipes or wells."


Lifehacker: November 12, 2017
How to Test and Filter Your Tap Water for Lead

"If you drink well water or live somewhere with infrequent municipal testing, it may be worth it to know as much as you can."

"In theory, municipal water supplies are safe. They’re monitored, tested, and treated by the powers that be. But of course, we know that doesn’t always work. And even if water is clean at its source, old pipes can introduce lead before the water gets to you."


Popular Science: November 10, 2017
Testing your tap water for contamination is way easier than you think

“‘There’s definitely a need for people to be testing that water, because it has long term implications,’ says Pujol. ‘If people could understand the results, that would make this public health issue more personal for people.’ " — John Pujol in Popular Science (November 2017)


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