The ArsenicVolt

ArsenicVolt reactors control a low electric current across inexpensive iron plates to separate arsenic & other contaminants from your water. Installed within a new or existing water treatment system, their versatility accounts for all forms of arsenic without requiring pre-treatment or pH adjustment. Technical details on the operational and arsenic removal mechanisms of ECAR technology can be found through Published Research at Berkeley Laboratory.


From contaminated to clean

Arsenic is a tasteless, odorless and naturally occurring poison that dissolves from rock and soil into underground aquifers (1). Unfortunately this is where most water systems take their water from.

The SimpleWater ArsenicVolt reactors are easily attached to any treatment system. (2) Using only inexpensive iron plates, the ArsenicVolt separate arsenic and other contaminants from your water without the need for expensive membranes or costly technicians. 

Local, clean water is then distributed to the community, (3) meeting the EPA's new arsenic health standards without changing the taste or natural mineral content.