Tap Score: Your Smart Water Test


We Test, Therefore We Know. 

A note from the caring folks at SimpleWater — We are a water testing, analysis and health data company intent on providing the best water testing, analysis and reporting service ever created. We serve homes, families and businesses asking: “what’s in my water, what does it mean, and how do I ensure the safety of what I’m drinking?” SimpleWater’s national team of certified laboratory scientists, engineers, health experts and designers provide each customer with a personalized. 

SimpleWater’s Tap Score is the Nation’s First Smart Water Testing Service for affordable and informative contaminant screening and personalized treatment recommendations.

All customers receive expert water quality support, including:

  1. The Tap Score Water Sampling Kit
  2. Detailed Water Quality Results
  3. Personal Health Analysis
  4. Live consultation with a drinking water expert
  5. And Recommendations for water treatment products, if needed.

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