Introduction To SimpleWater Lead Series

Lead in Water

If you’ve been tuned into national news at all, you heard about it: Lead.

And it isn’t just the publicized disaster in Flint, Michigan, either. The lead crisis extends far beyond the confines of that city, with recent water rests at homes and public schools across the country dredging up the reality that there are few among us currently enjoying sanctuary from this public health threat.

In fact, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data obtained by CNBC reveals that only nine U.S. states report lead levels in compliance with  federal drinking water standards. Those states that are suffering from lead violations in drinking water put their citizens—particularly children—at risk for fertility impairment, vomiting, anemia, hearing loss, kidney disease, and developmental delays, among other ailments.

With the public discourse so focused on the lead threat—even the 2016 United States presidential race turned its attention to the health crisis—we wanted to create a one-stop special lead series for you to learn about what we know so far. We also mapped home age and water corrosiveness as indicators of risk so that you can check out your neighborhood and assess whether or not lead or heavy metals might be a risk in your water–see the Simple Water Lead Map.

Get up to date on the lead public health crisis that swept the country in 2016-17 with the following articles:

Flint, Michigan & Corrosive River Water: Flint remains a city-wide public health crisis that has yet to be remedied. Inside, we discuss the grave mistakes made in Michigan that we all stand to gain so much in learning from.

Erin Brockovich as Spokesperson: We examine how Erin Brockovich’s involvement in the largest direct-action lawsuit in history prepped her to intervene on behalf of Flint, and how her involvement helped motivate President Obama to mobilize the National Guard and declare a state of emergency in Michigan.

Lead in U.S. Cities: Which cities are America’s most egregious water quality violators? We break down the story on municipalities encountering difficulties meeting federal public health guidelines for lead levels in drinking water.

Lead in U.S. Public School Water: Lead in drinking water isn’t just a problem for Flint, Michigan. Learn how America’s public schools are at risk, and peruse a roundup of school districts recently affected.

Young Children and Lead Water Contamination: The Harmful Consequences: It’s an unfortunate fact that the youngest in our society are the most susceptible to environmental hazards, including lead. We discuss why lead in drinking water is so perilous to our children, and the specific adverse health effects they may encounter as a result of exposure.

Can You Trust Store-bought Lead Water Testing Kits? Not all lead water testing kits are created equal, as reporter Alison Young for USA TODAY quickly discovered. Many testing kits are backed by suspect “certifications,” and either rely on analysis from labs with questionable credentials or include testing procedures that often give rise to user error.

As we continue to follow lead in water around the nation, we’ll dutifully keep you updated. We've done our homework bringing together data on home age and corrosive water to map out areas across the nation that might be at risk for lead. Check out the Simple Water Lead Map here. Check back with us often to stay current  on the latest news and developments. 

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